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The development of China's decorative paper industry

Issuing time:2018-12-15 16:57

The history of decorative paper in our domestic wood-based panels. Our decorative paper has been used in our country for more than 30 years. In the late 1960s, our country used decorative paper as fireproof panels, which were manufactured by some state-owned factories. It was not until the late 1970s that it began to study papers that were to be directly veneered because the pressure required was very high. To 60, 70 kilograms of pressure, general wood-based panels, including particleboards, could not withstand such pressure, so The high pressure can only be made into a fireproof board first, and then the glue is used. The manufacturing process is very complicated. It must be heated first and then cooled before it can be taken out. At the time, the main veneers were used for the veneer of medium-density fiberboard and particleboard.

Medium-density fiberboards were only used in the mid-1990s, mainly in kitchen furniture and office furniture. After the mid-1990s, the laminate flooring began to enter the market of our country. At the beginning, it was imported products. Afterwards, it began to be built in China, and gradually began to produce in China. Therefore, the veneer has set off a new climax for the manufacture of laminate flooring.

In the past, the paper we used was mainly domestic printing. Until 2001, one was a foreign brand developed in the manufacture of fireproof boards, and some of the production bases were located in China. For example, some decorative paper foreign brands, they have successively Also set up factories in China. With the production of laminate flooring, some imported papers have been used, especially fireproof boards. It is found that the fireproof panels produced with imported paper are completely different from the fireproof panels produced by domestic paper. It is a brand new, original high-pressure type fire board. Since the extrusion type process came out, it has a little fall back. After all, the use of resources, or the trouble of production comparison, has fallen back a bit, but with the use of some imported paper, Its market suddenly became better, mainly used in kitchen and office furniture, until now.

Therefore, our country has been entering this century. The decorative paper is a printing factory and a manufacturing factory with a lot of decorative papers. The market that uses this paper is all up, and the medium density mentioned above has come out, so enter 21 Century decorative paper has greatly improved in the secondary processing of wood-based panels.

With the warming of the real estate industry, people's requirements for living environment and working environment have been continuously improved, which has promoted the popularity of the decorative paper market. With the rapid development of laminate flooring, impregnated paper-based wood-based panels, furniture and decoration industries, China The decorative paper industry has thus been pulled into a period of vigorous development, the use of decorative paper continues to increase, the quality continues to increase, and the variety of colors and colors is increasingly abundant.

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